Substance Use Counseling - addresses the struggles of addiction and offers additional support with the client's recovery and sobriety.  Our Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC) is trained and experienced in addiction and the destructive behavior that often exists as a result of that addiction. Through various techniques, our LADAC offers the client an opportunity to discover the root of her addiction in order for the client to begin, or continue along a positive path towards recovery.  

Groups - ​offer a great place for client's to learn from one another.  Through the sharing of personal experiences and struggles, client's are able to connect with someone who has been on their same path.  The support from each other often has long-lasting effects on the client and her continued recovery from mental illness and addiction. Our psycho-educational groups focus on life skills, solutions, and understanding addiction. This is a great way for clients to build a stronger sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-determination.  

Intensive Case Management - provides service to clients who need to be linked or connected to basic needs and resources.  While we do not provide housing, we work with outside agencies who are able to offer housing options.  Utilizing case management services, clients can expect to set individual goals and work with the case manager towards meeting those objectives.  Through intensive case management clients learn to become self-sufficient, independent, and empowered women.  

Here at Susan's Legacy we provide vital support in helping our clients to connect with key resources while also receiving the treatment they need in maintaining sobriety and establishing mental health stability.  

Mental Health Counseling - provides the individual an opportunity to talk about their struggles in a safe and judgement free environment. Our mental health counselor helps the client cope with her emotions and mental illnesses.  With emphasis on strengths and solutions, mental health counseling is a vital element in supporting the client's sobriety.  Our staff recognizes that stabilizing and coping from a mental health disorder like anxiety or depression can be extremely overwhelming when a client is also challenged with addiction.  We tackle both the mental health challenges and the addiction struggles simultaneously.